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Have you ever stand along in the water ?
Have you ever feel the freedom of the ocean paddling around ?
Have you ever feel what gym does to your body in the absolute balanced enviroment ?
Have you ever let your mind so deep free in the sea ?
It is time for your absolute sea adventure Stand Up Paddle …
We invite you to another world …
We invite you to another way of body and mind excercise …
We invite you to the most chalenge freedom ..
Let us introduce you the Stand Up Paddle World …

Have you ever SUP ?

SUP in beautiful Arina beach, a short distance from Heraklion city center during your vacation in Crete. Get from your expert instructor introductory instructions while still on the beach and learn how to stand steady on your board and control your movement into the water. Once you feel confident it’s your time to paddle and glide through the transparent waters of the Aegean.

Feel the freedom of being in charge of your board as you paddle along the beautiful Cretan coastline. Listen to your instructor and learn new tricks that will help you to manoeuvre your board and stand up again after you fall into the water. As you paddle enjoy amazing views and the warm Mediterranean sun.

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