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Welcome to Surf in Crete the 2020 & 2021 Travel & Hospitality Award Winner for Best Branding on Crete Greece for the year 2020 & Adventure Activity of the year 2021

We are an Asi and Iko affiliated center that provides teaching to sports under international standards of sports etiquettes and safety .
It is a great oportunity for you to learn how to Surf/Sup/Kitesurf/Windsurf durring your stay on Crete ..
We make this water sports safe and able for all ages special for kids…
We have many deferent packages for all levels people can choose them self depenting their needs / levels …

Aditional you can Join one of our programs :

Some of you might regularly practice Pilates but have you ever done SUP PILATES on a Stand Up Paddleboard?
Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience and enjoy the best of both worlds: the strength and grace of Pilates with the tranquility of the sea?
Believe it or not, now you can !
Paddleboard Pilates (SUP PILATES) is a program that combines Pilates with a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), creating a fully engaging and fun Pilates fusion workout.
Getting out on the water offers the ultimate environment for developing the core Pilates principles while providing some great scenery.
As the board is floating on water, SUP PILATES traning requires the paddler to constantly recruit deep stabilizing muscles of the pelvis and spine just to stand on the board. Taking it further, adding Pilates core – based exercise to the instability of the board will enhance the challenge and benefits of Pilates.
Surfing Cross Training for All
Time , Training , Space , Instructions , body workshop ,is what you need .
The best cross-training for surfing is swimming.
As you’ll quickly discover, at least 90% of your surfing time will be spent paddling rather than riding waves. To make this a bearable experience, you must have a strong upper body
A pool will work, but the optimum option is open-ocean swimming. It will help your conditioning and confidence in all types of ocean conditions. Sooner or later, your leash is going to break, and when it does, you’ll be infinitely safer if you know what to do. I’d recommend a workout regimen of three days a week with a mixture of long-distance and sprint swims. Also, I recommend taking a course in CPR before you start spending extended periods of time in the water. The ocean is unpredictable-always be prepared for the worst
Team Building Activities
Great Oportunity to organize your team building activities with us ..setting up a strong relations throught your team building trust ,it is fun to work out teams in our sport centers using our beach facilities as : beach voley , beach soccer , and ballance training area inclouded all our water sports activities as : Surfing , Stand Up Paddling , Bodyboarding , Canoe Kayaking , windsurfing , Kitesurfing .
Surf / Sup / Kitesurf Camps
Let us organize for you the Camp you always dream for ..
We can organize for you such Surf / Sup / Kitesurf Camps for all levels ,
we have cooparations with great beach front accommodations in deferent types from Apartments to 5* Hotels , from single accommodation to All inclousive accommodation ..just contact us for an offer package ..
All inclousive Packages
Book now the course of your choice between 4 days and 7 days all inclousive packages and win 30% discount and the great oportunity for a comfort and relax training holiday ..Ask for an offer package ..

In Your Service for any Further information … Resarvation needed for all our services


Surf in Crete offers you the oportunity to book through us your accomodation on the best studio , apartments , rooms , hotels on Kokkini Hani and Amoudara area as we are locals we can deal it better than any web platform … try us will love your place …!!!


BOOK NoW your next kitesurf / Surf / Sup Camp we offer in 4 and 7 days Package in a great deal price . Contact us for more informations and Booking details

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