Travel & Hospitality 2020 & 2021 Award Winner 

Type:  SUP / SURF SurfSpot

Loacation: At the East side of Heraklion, "ARINA Beach" the most popular beach happens to be our Home Center .

Distance: Only 5 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the city centre


ALOHA ...!!! 
Welcome to Surf in Crete the 2020 & 2021 Travel & Hospitality Award Winner for Best Branding on Crete Greece for the year 2020 & Adventure Activity of the year 2021 

Surfing has given us many unforgettable years of fun, health and recreation.
Every year many people want to try out surfing for their total first time ,
Surfing ettiquete and Safety is our must goal for all surfers ..
Dont forget today it is you ..but tomorrow you will be the one to give respect and take respect between others .
To put it bluntly, surfing literally takes years to master. But with the help of our instruction, you should be able to avoid many of the common mistakes that students make, and keep them back for a very long time.
It always helps to start when you're young, but age isn't nearly as important as physical conditioning, as this surfing is for all ages.
Swimming ability is the only you need to Start ...
In Our Home spot in Arina Beach, you will found the most safe all level invorment for learn how to Surf or getting out to surf in days that thermal winds blowing from 12.00 combined with ARINA's bed produce a windswell that hits our SurfBeach with a clear face of 0,5m to 2m plus, usually at the evening, making it ideal for Surfing and Sup Surfing as well . Between the calm days we take the SUP courses , Funsctional Paddling training , Sup Pilates and Sup Yoga Programms , Our Rental Station will provide the best 2021 equipment for a cruise and sea discovery of the beauties of Crete's North Shore  , Afternoon times we chill out in our club and socialize,
For the 2021 feel free to use our 3000sqmeters School Facilities...we teach you comfort first , that inclouds our iko / Asi Teaching Area , Storage , Office , Our Shop&Shops , Repair Shop , BBQ area , Camp place ,Yoga and Pilates area , and soon will come over with a Coffee Shop , Cocktail Bar and an amazing half pipe Skate park ..stay tuned more will come 
We are an Official F-One / Manera / Jobe / Vivida / Kauskaki / Swelltech / distributor in Crete, you can found all update 2021 Kite / Surf / Sup / Skate / equipment for all levels. All our Students will have our member card inclouded a discount up to 20% for their new equipment.
Ask for more ? Join us to tell you more ...
But what if you are an experienced surf-addict that wants to slide through a couple of head-high walls? Well there is a secret spot that might be working and we might be visiting with our mini van so why don't you ask and who knows? Don't miss the chance of the daily SUP CRUISE to the secret Sea cave  Need a pick up? Our mini van constantly goes around between 15klm distance ( if not a kite -  surf - sup camp running throught this time )and it will definetly sort you out. If you want to CONTACT US or give us a call at : (+30) 6986 638 569 resarvation needed for all the services

Basic Courses

~ SUP Courses ~

Our experienced Asi L3 instructor will teach you :
basic sea theory,
how to stand up and paddle,
dangers and cautions while on water.

If you think that more guidance is necessary or there is still place for improvement you can book a full 2 hour lesson, Our Instructors will gide you where you want to be ... 

Step by step Video analysis ... act ~ correct ~ act ... upgrade your technic in another level ..
Sup Surf , Sup Race , Founctional Paddling , Coaching

SUP WISE : All what is Sup in 4 hours in 2 days ...that is our complete course 

~ SURF Courses ~

Our experienced instructors will teach you the basic surf ,sea theory, dangers and cautions...

Surf : A full 2 hour lesson with our Instructor for your technical improvement.

A Surf Step by step video analysis and guidance for better improvement on your skills 

SURF  Wise : learn all about surf in 4 hours in 2 days ,this is our complete surf lesson 

~ prices ~

SUP Prices
Asi CourseTimePrice
SUP Intro1 hr40€
SUP Surf Clinic1 hr60€
SUP Session2 hr90€
SUP Wise 4 hrs150€
SUP Group Intro1 hr30€ pp
Surf Prices
Surf Intro Begginer1 hr40€
Surf Clinic Intermediate1 hr60€
Surf Session Private2 hr90€
Surf Asi Wise Complete4 hrs150€
SUP & SURF Rentals
Rent SUP / SURF1 hour20€
Rent SUP / SURF3 hours30€
Rent SUP / SURF 1 day 60€
Rent SUP / SURF 3 days150€
Rent SUP / SURF 6 days250€
Rent SUP / SURF Extra day 50€