Iko Affiliated Club
Center 1: kokkini Hani " Arina Beach "
Center 2 : Comming Soon
Outdoor Activities Society Club : Gazi ,Heraklion 
Distance: 5 minutes from Heraklion airport, 10 minutes from Heraklion City Center 


Welcome to Surf In Crete  

Thank you for join us ... we are updating our services for the season 2020... Comming Soon !!!

NOTICE : As soon as this you can always Subscribe to our Outdoor Activities Society Club ,
( with your subsrcibe you will suport the foundation " Xamogelo tou Paidiou )

Feel free to contact us for any further information ....

The goal is to be the best ... not to look the best ... Only the best for you !!! 

Basic Courses

You might think that kitesurfing is difficult. Not with Surf In Crete Learn how to kite with the best ... our experienced iko L3 instructor will guide you and assist you all way with safety first ... Surf In Crete is an Iko Affiliated Club and Founting member of our Outdoor Activities Society Club , based in Heraklion are putting the limits high on Crete for your highest safety and best services in Outdoor Activities Watersports ... https://mariostrigonis.wixsite.com/mariostrigonis

First things first! NO PRE REQUISITES At this level you will practice various skills 3hours on land then will transfer you to the water for the next level. Skills covered include assessing the wind and the physical location,safety, using the safety systems, managing proper equipment set-up and controlling the kite.

Time to fly wet! REQUIRED IKO LEVEL 1, learn more advanced and dynamic kite flying, practice drills that will build your way up to waterstarting and your first attend to ride, After iko level 2 you are considered independent and you are permitted to rent out equipment in all schools under supervision.

Now you are rocking! REQUIRED LEVEL IKO 1&2 Your instructor can start to fine tune your style until riding upwind is second nature. You will also practice riding toe side and can attempt your fist jump and jibe. This level focuses on advanced skills that will help you achieve independence in the water with safety .

Time for tips! Has it been a while since you kited last time and want to fresh up your memory? Are you a bit reluctant by getting straight into the water and need a boost? This is the course for you. One full hour with our instructor will sort you out.

~ Advanced Courses ~
So know that you know the basics it is time to make the next step and push it further. Kite Clinics are designed to teach you all the tips and tricks you need right on the spot,so that you do not waiste your time by re-inventing the wheel. Chose your style and prepare yourself to go extreme...

If you want to learn how to jump, turn, and ride with style this is the course you need.

If you are more of a surf dude that is the course for you.

Feel the pure thrill of KiteSurfing.

~ prices ~

Private kite CoursesTime2020 pricelist will update soon
Kite Clinic1 hrs
IKO Level 14 hrs
IKO Level 24 hrs
Intro Course 2 hrs
IKO Level 1 & 28 hrs
IKO Level 4 - 52 hrs
IKO Clinic Certification 2 hrs
IKO Level 34 hrs
Refresh Course2 hrs
Intro Course 2hrs2020 pricelist will update soon
Kite group CoursesTime
Kite Clinic 1 hr
Refresh course 2hrs
IKO Level 1 4 hrs
IKO Level 2 4 hrs
IKO Level 1 & 2 8hrs
IKO Level 3 4hrs
IKO Clinic Certification 2 hr
Equipment 2020 will update soon
EQUIPMENT 1/2 Day 1 Day Extra Day
Kite & Bar
Safety equip