IKO Level 3 Course

IKO Level 3 Course

Now you are rocking! REQUIRED LEVEL IKO 1&2 Your instructor can start to fine tune your style until riding upwind is second nature. You will also practice riding toe side and can attempt your fist jump and Jibe. This level focuses on advanced skills that will help you achieve independence in the water with safety 

In course details:

J1 - Control the riding speed by edging
J2 - Consistent riding in both directions

K1 - Consistent riding  in all directions including upwind
K2 - Ride amongst other other riders and respect the right of way rules

L1 - Change of direction without stopping
L2 - Self-rescue and full pack-down in deep water

M1- Risk assessment and awareness of the riding area
M2 - Self rescue

N1 - Make a toeside turn
N2 - Know the theory and the safety rules for jumping
N3 - Land a basic jump

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