~ Surfari ~

Type: Trip for wind or swell


Distance: From one to four hours tops. Depends on the excursion.


Do you want to kite or Sup  on a clystar clear flat water with pink sand underneath?
Would you like to ride on a perfect flat spot ?
Care for some decent waves?
It's your lucky day cause you are in the island of Crete where Always, Somewhere, Something is going on.
Wind and waves hit Crete all around its coast, all year round, providing us the appropriate conditions for KiteBoarding, KiteSurfing, Stand Up PaddleSurfing, even Surfing.
Travel around Crete like a local with the locals... kite 'n surf in the best locations... eat amazing traditional food, drink raki and enjoy life...
watersports on board as banana boat , jet ski and rings for extra fun is part of our games 

Nothing arround Crete ?? No problem Sail away to Dia Island , or further to Santorini Island and ride hard all arround with the www.uniek-vakanties.eu

This is what Surf In Crete Surfari is all about...

We offer Surfaris for KITE, SUP and SURF.

let us introduce our friends and let them sail you everywhere arround Greece 

Don't ask.. Join us !!!

Basic Courses

Its an extra MUST once in life you should definitely try one or both!

For the real extreme ones we offer a Surfari with a sailing boat www.uniek-vakanties.eu for the ultimate downwind experience. The trip can be daily or longer. A real must DO thing.

Where are you located... Where are you going to kite? Choose from our destinations and enjoy the flight. Contact us for details @ INFO@surfincrete.com or give us a ring...