IKO affiliated 
kiteboarding School

Location:  kokkini Hani " Arina Beach " 
Distance: 5 minutes from Heraklion airport, 10 minutes from Heraklion town centre and 15 minutes from Surf In Crete spot " Amoudara " 


Welcome to Surf In Crete Kitesurf School 
* Surf in Crete is the first Official Kitesurfing school in Crete since 2013 and Iko affiliated school since 2014 
* We provide the highest knowledge & experienced teaching in Crete with iko level 3 instructor based on iko top 5 instructors in Greece
* Our Kite School will provide you special training equipment as foil kites , short lines training kites , special Carbon training boards , radio communication , Carbon radio helmets cummunication , safety boat suport , deep water teaching with boat , helmets , vests , seat harness , waist harness , and many more updated equipment for your maximum safety on teaching and for the best teaching conditions for maximum plasure at same time ,
* Our rental service will set you up with update equipment as : kites , boards ( twintip boards , carbon race boards , kitesurf surfboards , ) bar & lines , seat harness , waist harness , impact vest , float vest , helmets , in all deferent sizes
* Got your own equipmnet ? Come join us and kite , you only need to be certifited on iko for our school free of charge safety support ,
* Store your quiver at our storage facilitys  , socialise with other kiters and enjoy life.  
* No wind in Heraklion?-Thank God SurFari!!! If there is a place in Crete that has wind we could get you there with our minivan. See SURFARI 

The Spots
Arina Beach : 
 Home spot from 2014 as we founded one of the best spots on Crete for wave riding with nice brown white bottom sand , clear crystal blue water , and for sure the best waves arround suitable for advanced kiters . Thermal NW winds blow almost daily from June till September ranging from 15-30 knots.
The best organized beach close to Herklion city with clear blue sandy beach ,beach bars , free sunbeds and lots of varietys of food & beverage to spend your day in a nice chilly and beautiful invironment ,
Amoudara : Our home spot on 2013 , Suitable for Students ,begginer kiters, devided by a reef the spot creates a small flat terrain which makes it ideal for training, and a good waterstart entry , chopy water is what you see almost everyday  with small waves often , 
the invironmnet arround is what drive us away .. we only use it for trainning when its needed ...
The water temperature is around 17 C and the air temperature is normally at 28 C but it could easily get up to 35 C on a pretty hot day.
Feel free to ask for more details using the spots ...

Basic Courses

You might think that kitesurfing is difficult. Not with Surf In Crete Learn how to kite with the best ... our experience iko level 3 instructor based on best top 5 instructors by the International Kiteboarding Organisation ( ikointl.com ) in Greece Our Surf In Crete Kite School is an Iko afiliated center from 2014 and in full compliance with the Greek kitesurfing legislation for your highest safety and better service https://mariostrigonis.wixsite.com/mariostrigonis

First things first! NO PRE REQUISITES At this level you will practice various skills 3hours on land then will transfer you to the water for the next level. Skills covered include assessing the wind and the physical location,safety, using the safety systems, managing proper equipment set-up and controlling the kite.

Time to fly wet! REQUIRED LEVEL 1, learn more advanced and dynamic kite flying, practice drills that will build your way up to waterstarting and your first attend to ride, After level 2 you are considered independent and you are permitted to rent out equipment in all Iko schools under supervision.

Now you are rocking! REQUIRED LEVEL 1&2 Your instructor can start to fine tune your style until riding upwind is second nature. You will also practice riding toe side and can attempt your fist jump and jibe. This level focuses on advanced skills that will help you achieve independence in the water with safety .

Time for tips! Has it been a while since you kited last time and want to fresh up your memory? Are you a bit reluctant by getting straight into the water and need a boost? This is the course for you. One full hour with our instructor will sort you out.

~ Advanced Courses ~
So know that you know the basics it is time to make the next step and push it further. Kite Clinics are designed to teach you all the tips and tricks you need right on the spot,so that you do not waiste your time by re-inventing the wheel. Chose your style and prepare yourself to go extreme...

If you want to learn how to jump, turn, and ride with style this is the course you need.

If you are more of a surf dude that is the course for you.

Feel the pure thrill of KiteSurfing.

~ prices ~

Private kite CoursesTimePrice
Kite Clinic1 hrs80€
Iko Level 14 hrs300€
Iko Level 24 hrs300€
Iko Level 1 & 28 hrs550€
Iko Level 34 hrs300€
Intro Course 2 hrs150€
Iko Level 4 - 52 hrs140€
Refresh Course2 hrs140€
Iko Clinic Certification 2 hrs120€
Kite group CoursesTimePrice
Kite Clinic 1 hr40 € pp
Level 1 4 hrs220€ pp
Level 2 4 hrs220€ pp
Level 1 & 2 8hrs400€ pp
Level 3 4hrs200€ pp
Refresh course 2hrs100€ pp
Intro Course 2hrs100 € pp
Iko Clinic Certification 2 hr80 € pp
Kite Rental1/2 Day 1 Day Extra Day
Board20 € 40€ 20€
Harness10 € 20€ 10€
Kite & Bar40 € 60€ 40€
Safety equip10 € 20€ 10€
Complete60 €80€50€